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  • ***** AMAZING Above and Beyond Customer Service!

    December 1, 2014
    Review by: (Vero Beach, FL)
    Salesperson: Virgil Sr.
    Anthony, Wanted to give you an update on my boat. As you know, Marc came up last Saturday and worked on the left engine. He found the oil drain plug loose. We ran it to confirm it was fixed. I checked it later in the week and ran it on Thanksgiving. As best I can tell it is not leaking. Marc deserves to be commended for going "above and beyond" to make a customer happy. The GPS doesn’t always lock on to the satellites, but I suspect that may be a transient condition, as once the boat was underway it worked normally. Overall, I was very pleased with BoatsDirectUSA’s desire to make me, the customer, happy. That happened because of your leadership and tone. I found you and your staff to be extremely willing to find a way to complete the deal. Your staff contacted the owner, troubleshot the problem with speed indications, and ran the boat to get an additional analysis of the oil. The bottom line with any transaction is “would the customer recommend the dealership to others and do business with them again.” The answer to both of those questions is an emphatic YES! Please pass my thanks to the rest of the staff for their assistance. All my best, Randy Guthrie