Get out on the water and bring all of your friends...

The Brand New 399 Sport is extremely IMPRESSIVE & Luxurious! This beautiful custom center console offers modernized styling of its aerodynamic hard top to make your ride even more enjoyable! The brand new hard top doesn't just look impressive. It's also extremely functional for wind deflection. In fact, there should be no wind in the first two rows behind the console and even those in the rear seat should enjoy just a slight breeze.

The console redesign on the 399 Sport is extremely exciting due to the combined depth of the hull and the boat's impressive front width resulting in an extremely spacious area. The space inside the console will actually have a similar size to most cabin boats on the market today. It is something that no other manufacturers have been able to even attempt at the level we have achieved! Two people can sit upright, watch TV, take a nap and even sleep overnight very comfortably! The console cabin is fully air conditioned as well without having to put a generator on the boat! This is an incredible feature considering you will be able to really get out of the elements and enjoy yourself inside when it heats up outside. The stand-up head area will include the electric head and shower, microwave and small galley area as well. Air conditioning comes standard in this model.

Last but not least -- the 399 Sport offers an extreme amount of storage capabilities! So pack up everything your heart desires and get out on your next adventure in the luxury that only Deep Impact Custom Boats offer! If you are looking for a REALLY COOL modern boat, this is the boat for you!

Deep Impact is also in the process of re-designing the 36 Open to match the 399 in the near future, offering similar space underneath the console, and of course, a modernized top.


  • 39' 9"
  • 10' 7"
  • 14,500 lbs. (Triple Engines)
  • 482+ gallons
  • 900-1881 HP