Would you like to fish like the pro’s? Ever imagine taking a thrill ride with renowned Captain Clayton Kirby? Your dreams can come true! Boats Direct USA is beyond proud to have Two-Time Angler of the Year Clayton Kirby lead our fishing team as well as be your direct liaison in your boat building experience. Never before has it been so fun and exciting to order the fish boat of your dreams! Owner Mark Fischer says, “For so many years I wanted to find the perfect place and the right person  to get Blackwater exposed. This boat is unlike any other running on the SKA circuit today and the price is unbelievable. You have to go to the factory for yourself to see the individual attention to detail that each fish boat receives. The fit and finish is phenomenal!” “I’ve been involved with fishing boats for a long time,” said Clayton Kirby, renowned competitive fisherman, perennial tournament winner and two time SKA Angler of the Year. “I’ve had the opportunity to see pretty much every boat being run on the tournament circuit and I can tell you I have never seen another boat built like the Blackwater. The design and construction is amazing, it’s fast, nimble and runs away from the competition.”  

If you’re looking for that perfect new fish boat, why wait? Clayton is so passionate about this fishing boat that he would love to have a conversation about what sets Blackwater Boats about from the rest. The 43 Tournament Edition will be out soon as well, so make sure to ask for more info if you’re looking for a larger option than the 36 TE.  
Call Clayton Kirby today toll free: 855-491-9909

Customer Testimonial with Captain Kent and Captain Kirby

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Two time angler of the year - Clayton Kirby

Build custom to your needs

  • Mercury or Yamaha options
  • Twins or Triple application
  • Different T-top options, hard top, Key West style
  • Different console sizes available
  • Different leaning posts available