Statement Marine offers the world's first full suspension center consoles!

Todd Warner is the owner of Statement Marine and is excited to be partnering with New Boats Direct in Key Largo, Florida to custom build center consoles of the future! Statement is known for their well craftsmanship, high performance and suspension that is incomparable to any other boat manufacturer in the world! They came into the business to build high performance exotic Sports Boats. Statement has proven themselves to build the most wicked high performance boats on the market today. They are proud to be the world's first boat manufacturer to offer full active suspension on their center consoles. When you step onto their center consoles, you will notice the floor is completely suspended on airbags! This is the first of something new in the boating industry. You wouldn't drive a car without suspension, now you don't have to drive a boat without shock absorbers! They offer a completely unique boat and our experts will guide you through the entire boat building process to ensure the boat fits your lifestyle. Impact is everything when you are traveling at 70 MPH. At the end of the day you will have an enjoyable experience on the water and you won't feel beat up! The suspension and comfort that Statement Marine provides is truly the next generation of boating! Contact one of our professionals today for your consultation.