Get out on the water and bring all of your friends...

When you see this boat in person you will say "WOW!" Three years in the making certainly was worth it. The boat is massive with a 10'7" beam and almost 40 feet in length, but we accomplished the unthinkable, almost same exact speeds and fuel burn as our 36 model with identical motors. That means with twin 300 you would reach 60, triple 300 you would get to 70 and triple 350 to 75. With triple 300 motors a best cruise MPG of 1.5 mpg is in reach. In a 40 boat that weighs 13,800 lbs dry or almost 16,000 loaded, that is incredible. Most big centers struggle to even get to 1 mpg with some barely over 1/2 mpg. The boat is so balanced it is pretty much on plane as soon as you goose the throttles and the size will crush everything in its way. It has the awesome Deep Impact lines so there will be no mistaking the boat and inside is even more off the hook.

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